EYP Performance Journal
EYP Performance Journal
EYP Performance Journal

EYP Performance Journal

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Reach your full potential with the help of the EYP Performance Journal. The EYP Performance Journal is much more than a workout log. It tracks your physical, mental and emotional health. It also provides you with the tools and guidance needed to set an ultimate goal that can be broken down into a series of realistic and measurable daily goals. 


  • Ultimate goal development worksheet
  • Definitions to help with daily prompts
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Daily tracking of sleep, mood, physical and emotional health 
  • Daily gratitude and affirmation practices
  • Daily goal setting
  • Daily reflections


  • Tracks progress
  • Identifies patterns
  • Boosts confidence
  • Improves discipline/consistency
  • Increases motivation
  • Enhances self-awareness


  • Size: A5
  • Material: Hard cover, coil bound
  • 90 days of tracking

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