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April 8th, Tip of The Week: Be Flexible

Dreams require goals. Goals require planning. Planning requires intention and execution. However, we all know that life can throw us curve balls.  So, let me ask you this.  Do your plans make allowances for the barriers you may encounter along the way?  Do they provide the flexibility that you will need to overcome these barriers? Are you open to pivoting when the need arises?

You can be both locked into your dreams and goals, and open to change.

Here are a few tips to remember as you move forward on your journey. 

  • Once the destination is clear, be open to the different paths that could take you there.
  • Identify stop signs, roadblocks, forks in the road, and other obstacles you could encounter along the way. 
  • Come up with strategies to deal with these challenges. 
  • Visualize making a 3-point turn and taking a different street.
  • Trust that being flexible does not mean you are failing. Rather, it means you are able to adapt and grow.

You are one step closer.

– EYP Team 

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