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Athlete Confidential: Embrace Your Pace ft. Karelle Edwards Perry

Athlete Confidential
AUGUST 20, 2023

Trigger Warning: Topics of abuse and suicide are discussed in this episode.

We sit down with Karelle Edwards-Perry LMHCA, CMPC, a former Canadian National Team Hurdler, as she shares her story in this podcast episode. Karelle opens up about her journey dealing with a chronic back injury that significantly impacted her collegiate and professional athletic pursuits, as well as her mental health. She candidly discusses the hurdles she faced in building confidence and how her experiences growing up in a predominantly white community as a biracial woman shaped her identity both as an individual and as an athlete.

In this episode, Karelle’s introspective conversation touches on themes of resilience, self-acceptance, and embracing one’s unique journey. Her insights into navigating setbacks and challenges will resonate with anyone striving to overcome adversity. Join us as we explore the powerful intersections of sports, personal growth, and the pursuit of inner strength.

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