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August 21st, Tip of The Week: Build your Self- Confidence

Guy-Smarth Michel, Mental Health Student

Guest Author: Guy-Smarth Michel
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student, Springfield College, 2024
M.Ed. in Athletic Counseling, Springfield College 2023

Confidence is so important to who we are and what we do. Being more confident means that we trust ourselves more which reduces our imposter syndrome and self-doubt. Here are a few things you can do to remind yourself that you are an amazing individual. 


  • Accept how your mind and body works/looks.
    • Write down affirmations (e.g. “I have strong-looking arms”, “I am proud of my hair”, “I have a beautiful smile”) and put them on your mirror, computer, desk or as reminders on your phone. 
    • Reframe the negative statements you say about yourself.
      • e.g. Instead of saying “I am stupid” reframe it to “I don’t know this right now but I will do some research to learn more.”
      • e.g. Instead of saying “I hate my legs” say “this part of my body doesn’t look how I want but these legs have allowed me to do amazing things like run at a collegiate level”. 
    • Accept yourself in the present/the now and avoid thoughts of the past and future. Below are some things that can work to bring you back to where you are.
      • Consciously repeating to yourself “be present” whenever you notice your thoughts are drifting elsewhere. This is something that needs to be practiced so it can become second nature.
      • Looking down at your feet and reminding yourself to be where your feet are.
      • Being mindful of your surroundings like the sounds, the smells, the people around you.
      • Also reminding yourself the past is gone and the future hasn’t happened yet, only the actions we take now matter the most!
    • Accept that we all compare ourselves to others but also reframe those thoughts back to accepting yourself in the now (e.g.their arms look great and I am working on mine to look great too” or “I like my arms just the way they are.”)
      • Complimenting others is always nice, it’s the comparison that hurts  the work we may have already done on ourselves.
    • Remind yourself to embrace your individuality. You are one of a kind.

Focus on the little things:

  • Appreciate the little things about your mind and body.
  • Repeat specific affirmations about the things you love about yourself.
  • Connect the little things together and recognize they make you whole.
  • Celebrate the little things.

Believe in your ability to change:

  • Change is inevitable and is an ongoing process. Embrace it! 
  • Your mind will evolve and so will your body.
  • Change comes with discomfort, learn to push through that discomfort. 
  • Trust that the small steps you’re taking today are moving you towards your goals.

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