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Transitioning from Water Polo to Dentistry

Today, we are joined by EYP community member and former Water Polo athlete turned Dentist, Dr. Adrian Cummins, for an interview about how he learned to embrace his pace during his life as an athlete and his transition to dentistry. In our interview with Dr. Cummins, we touch on how he overcame the comparison game and stayed focused on his unique journey from swimming, to waterpolo to opening his own practice.

Athlete Confidential: Embrace Your Pace ft. Karelle Edwards Perry

We sit down with Karelle Edwards-Perry LMHCA, CMPC, a former Canadian National Team Hurdler, as she shares her story in this podcast episode. Karelle opens up about her journey dealing with a chronic back injury that significantly impacted her collegiate and professional athletic pursuits, as well as her mental health. She candidly discusses the hurdles she faced in building confidence and how her experiences growing up in a predominantly white community as a biracial woman shaped her identity both as an individual and as an athlete.In this episode, Karelle's introspective conversation touches on themes of resilience, self-acceptance, and embracing one's unique journey. Her insights into navigating setbacks and challenges will resonate with anyone striving to overcome adversity. Join us as we explore the powerful intersections of sports, personal growth, and the pursuit of inner strength.

Running, A Metaphor For Life.

There is a trust you have to have in your timing, managing your pace is important to one's success. At times it can be hard to hold on to that trust as you watch others around you making moves, but utmost belief in your own plan is where it is at.

Karelle shares her story of abuse in sports with The Rex Project

On April 14th, The Rex Project released Karelle's story of her experience with abuse.Karelle Edwards-Perry, a former professional hurdler and co-owner of Embrace Your Pace, speaks out about her experience with abuse in track and field, why she stayed, how she recognized the abuse, and what stepping away from the sport she dedicated years of work to looked like.