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September 18th, Tip Of The Week: Get Ready for Winter.

Most of us have probably started to notice a small shift in weather. Temperature is dropping, days are slowly getting shorter and the leaves are changing colors. Although Fall can come with so much beauty, it can also be a reminder that winter is just around the corner. For some winter means snow, skiing and skating and for others it may mean their moods are going to shift.

Training and Competing Through Pain and Injuries: Act of Courage or Skewed Perceptions?

Historically, it appears that when an athlete experiences an injury, regardless of their level of performance, the attention is automatically focused on the physical and visible aspect of the injury. It appears that little attention is paid to the psychological experience encompassing student-athletes internal thoughts and feelings. Tracey (2003) pointed out that when recovering from an injury, both men and women collegiate student-athletes experience various emotions, such as anxiety, fear, confusion, and even anger.
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