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Athlete impact: Good Things Come Out of Sh*t.

Karelle Edwards, a 5x Team Canada hurdler, licensed mental health counselor, and mental performance consultant, and co-owner of Embrace Your Pace, shares her journey in sports. Karelle walks us through how she advocates for change in sports, especially around abusive coaching relationships. She shares her experience with a negative coaching relationship, giving us coaching red flags and tips on how we can bring awareness to inappropriate behaviors like emotional abuse, harassment, and assault. Karelle shares how, despite all the challenges she had to overcome in her athletic journey, she has learned to trust herself. Her journey shows us that performance and mental health can coexist, and her perspective as a professional athlete who is also a mental health professional is so valuable for all female athletes to hear. “Don't be afraid to speak up. You are unique, and you have a unique journey. Follow your own path. You deserve to be there. Trust yourself and celebrate yourself.” - Karelle Edwards 

I Thought I was Falling Apart.

As a former collegiate athlete, I’ve struggled with allowing myself to live in the moment and oftentimes planned ahead....I felt like I was going through a period of uncertainty, questioning everything, and soul-searching for my next journey.
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