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February 26th Tip of the Week: Get to Know Who You Are.

Who are you? I’ve asked this question to many of my clients and more often than not, they are unable to answer the question. This question is often met with a loud sigh “ouffff” and “sheesh Karelle that was deep”. They are right, it is a tough and thought provoking question that I don’t believe we spend enough time reflecting on. I often give my clients space to think about it and I’ve noticed the wheels turning in their brain as they try and sort out who they are vs who they think they should be. Our self-image is often based on what others (parents, loved ones, coaches, friends, social media, society…) have told us about who we are, can be or should be. But what if you stripped all of that away. Could you describe to me who you are in this very moment? What defines you? What interests you? Your strengths? Your desires? Your values?

I’ve attached a worksheet to help you start exploring your identity. You will see four frames, each labeled with a different question. In each frame, write down your answers to start deciphering your voice from that of others.

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