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May 1st, Tip of The Week: Mental Health Is Health.

We know that physical health is health. 

  • When we have a headache, we take advil.
  • When we break a bone, we see a surgeon.

On the flip side,

  • When we feel depressed, we “tough it out”.
  • When we have a panic attack, we hide in the closet and come back out with a smile. 

When we are physically ill, we seek treatment. When we are mentally ill, however, we often turn inwards, try and get through it on our own and expect to perform at the same level as when we are mentally well. 

There is still a huge stigma attached to mental health. But in honor of Mental Health Awareness month,I’m giving you permission to check-in with yourself and attend to your mental and emotional needs. There’s no shame, only gains!


You are one step closer.

– EYP Team 

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