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November 13th, Tip Of The Week: Prepare for the Holidays

The holiday season is around the corner for many of us. For some, the holiday season represents a joy filled time. Good food, traditions and activities in the company of friends and family.  For others, holidays can be stressful and challenging. Either way, we recommend preparing for the holidays with a view to managing your wellbeing. 

Today you will start by identifying some of the challenges you face during the holidays.

Examples of Potential ChallengesMy challenges
Dealing with pressure
Dealing with family-related guilt
Splitting time between loved ones
Managing finances
Feeling alone
Trauma anniversaries 
Eating/food-related issues

Now that you’ve identified the obstacles you may face during the holidays, you will come up with an action plan to help you manage your mental, emotional and physical health during this period. 

Example: Action plan

  1. Practice saying no
  2. Re-evaluate and set boundaries
  3. Manage my time by establishing priorities  
  4. Stick to my self-care/self-compassion habits/routines
  5. Seek support 

My Action Plan





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