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Just Keep Swimming

"Embracing my pace means to live a life that feels free; I must trust that everything is happening as it needs to. Find the flow, and go with it." ⁠#EypCommunity member Shanice shares her winding journey to becoming a therapist, reiki master teacher, certified doula, and Zumba Instructor.

April 8th, Tip of The Week: Be Flexible

Dreams require goals. Goals require planning. Planning requires intention and execution. However, we all know that life can throw us curve balls.  So, let me ask you this.  Do your plans make allowances for the barriers you may encounter along the way?  Do they provide the flexibility that you will need to overcome these barriers?

March 25th, Tip of The Week: Take Ownership Of Your Process To Reach Your Goals.

Having the support of others when we are working to achieve our goals is crucial. Coaches, teachers, mentors, employers and others can help us get to our destination.  However, others’ support and guidance won’t make a difference if we are not actively engaged in the pursuit of our goals.  ....Whether you are looking to be promoted, trying to improve a skill, training for a big competition, or striving to be the best parent you can be, taking ownership of your journey is the key to success. 

March 11th Tip of the Week: Setting Loving Limits with Your Coach.Tips for Athletes

Hey athletes! Do you ever feel pressured by a coach to keep playing through pain, compete when you're exhausted, or repeatedly attempt a skill that scares you? As someone who struggled with people pleasing, setting healthy boundaries used to be a VERY stressful topic. I didn’t want to seem difficult or offend anyone. After leaving the athletic world and venturing into the medical field I've learned the hard way how vital emotional intelligence is for upholding your personal boundaries while still being coachable.

February 26th Tip of the Week: Get to Know Who You Are.

Who are you? I've asked this question to many of my clients and more often than not, they are unable to answer the question. This question is often met with a loud sigh "ouffff" and "sheesh Karelle that was deep". They are right, it is a tough and thought provoking question that I don't believe we spend enough time reflecting on...

November 27th, Tip Of The Week: Decompress After the Holidays

Last time, you prepared an action plan to help you manage your health during the holidays. Preparing for events is important. What we often forget to think about, however, is what  happens after it’s all over? Ever heard of the “post-holiday blues”? Sometimes we can experience a “crash” or “slump” after such a busy and emotionally charged period.

November 13th, Tip Of The Week: Prepare for the Holidays

The holiday season is around the corner for many of us. For some, the holiday season represents a joy filled time. Good food, traditions and activities in the company of friends and family.  For others, holidays can be stressful and challenging. Either way, we recommend preparing for the holidays with a view to managing your wellbeing.