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April 8th, Tip of The Week: Be Flexible

Dreams require goals. Goals require planning. Planning requires intention and execution. However, we all know that life can throw us curve balls.  So, let me ask you this.  Do your plans make allowances for the barriers you may encounter along the way?  Do they provide the flexibility that you will need to overcome these barriers?

March 25th, Tip of The Week: Take Ownership Of Your Process To Reach Your Goals.

Having the support of others when we are working to achieve our goals is crucial. Coaches, teachers, mentors, employers and others can help us get to our destination.  However, others’ support and guidance won’t make a difference if we are not actively engaged in the pursuit of our goals.  ....Whether you are looking to be promoted, trying to improve a skill, training for a big competition, or striving to be the best parent you can be, taking ownership of your journey is the key to success.