Our Story

We are husband and wife and co-owners of Embrace Your Pace. Who knew that a single swipe to the right on a dating app would turn into a lifelong partnership not only as a married couple but also as business owners. It was our love of sports that originally connected us but it was our passion to help others in a meaningful way that ultimately sealed the deal! 

A few years ago, I came-up with the phrase "Embrace Your Pace'' after listening to “Perfect Timing” by Nipsey Hussle. As a former athlete trying to find my way in the professional world, I noticed that I was spending too much time comparing myself to others. What started off as a reminder to myself to embrace my journey, quickly became a message that I wanted to share with others. In 2019, I founded Embrace Your Pace ® and started making apparel.  

Five months ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, Karelle made the difficult decision to stop training in order to prioritize her mental health. This was a true testament of what “embracing your pace” is all about. It was at that time that Karelle decided to join the movement and started Embrace Your Pace Performance™

Our hope is to empower people to reach their full potential in whatever capacity that may be by embracing their unique journey. 

                                                                                          - Da'Mon Perry II