Embrace Your Pace Performance

Mental Performance & Wellness Consulting

Embrace Your Pace Performance ™ is committed to providing support, guidance and tools to help you improve your wellbeing and optimize your performance. Together, we will maximize your potential at your own pace.



Individual sessions for athletes, coaches, professionals and others looking to enhance their performance and/or well-being. Meetings target identified needs such as building confidence and motivation, reducing performance anxiety, managing stress and learning how to live a balanced-life.


Team/Group sessions targeting identified needs such as how to improve team cohesiveness, strengthen communication, increase motivation and work towards common goals.


Educational training for athletes, coaches, groups, schools, students and organizations on agreed upon performance and/or wellness related topics. 

Meet Your Consultant

I am a former professional 100 meter hurdler and a 5-time Team Canada member. My journey has been far from linear. A back injury took me off the track for 3 years. Although I made a successful return to the track, I experienced higher performance anxiety and self-doubt, struggled with low-confidence and developed a fear of reinjuring myself. Because of the “toughen up” culture in sports, no attention was paid to the mental aspect of my recovery. I became a counselor in order to normalize and help people overcome mental performance-related barriers.

As a professional athlete who has also experienced the effects of power and abuse in sports, I’ve made it my mission to create a space where clients can be themselves and where they are treated as whole persons, not just performers.

My approach

I believe that we can all reach our full potential and experience a more fulfilling life with the right tools and support. I meet my clients where they are on their journey and embrace their pace while also helping them develop and strengthen the mental skills they need to optimize their performance and wellbeing.

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