Embrace Your Pace

Our vision

People reaching their full potential by recognizing the power that comes from following their own path and embracing each step of their journey.

Our mission

To support and provide people with reminders, tools and strategies to embrace their pace. 

Founder and CEO
Da'Mon Perry II

"For years, I compared myself to others. I saw people getting great jobs they were passionate about and taking expensive trips. I was always questioning what I was doing wrong and wondering why I wasn't enjoying the same type of success.
Once I stopped looking at those around me and started focusing on what was under my control, things took a turn for the better. In the space of a year, I moved from LA to Seattle, and went from working three jobs to becoming an Athletic Director".

Karelle Edwards-Perry

Mental Performance Consultant

Mental Health Counselor Associate

Professional 100-meter-hurdler

5 X Team Canada Member

"Embrace Your Pace" Dad Hat (Khaki)
"Embrace Your Pace" Dad Hat (Khaki)
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There is strength in numbers.  

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How To Embrace Your Pace

Be present

Run your race

Trust your timing

Honor your journey 

Celebrate progress

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