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Mental Health Counseling

Older Teens & Adults
Sports-related Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Work-life Balance, Relationships, Self-Esteem, and/or Race-related challenges

Consulting + Workshops

Athletes, Coaches & Professionals
1-on-1 Consulting
Team/Group Sessions

Speaking Engagements

Schools, Organizations, Clubs & Workplaces
Motivational Speaking for Performance and Mental Well-Being

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About Embrace Your Pace

Embrace Your Pace® is a company that inspires people to reach their full potential by recognizing the power that comes from following their own path.  We often get wrapped up in what other people are doing and where we feel we should be at this point in our lives. Our goal is to remind people, through our products and services, not to let the success of others make us feel “less than” or unworthy of success.  We all have different paths and timing.

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Wear it and live it! Simple reminders to embrace your pace.

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We are building a community of people committed to following their own path to success and empowering others to do the same.