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Mental Health Counseling & Performance Consulting

Embrace Your Pace Performance ® is committed to providing support, guidance and tools to help you improve your wellbeing and optimize your performance. Together we will work on maximizing your potential, at your own pace.

Mental Health Counseling

Older Teens & Adults
Sports-related issues, Anxiety, Depression, Work-life Balance, Relationships, Self-Esteem, and/or Race-related challenges

Consulting + Workshops

Athletes, Coaches & Professionals
1-on-1 Consulting
Team/Group Sessions

Speaking Engagements

Schools, Organizations, Clubs & Workplaces
Motivational Speaking for Performance and Mental Well-Being

Meet Karelle

Karelle Edwards-Perry, LMHCA, CMPC

I am a former professional 100 meter-hurdler and a 5-time Team Canada member. My journey has been far from linear. A back injury took me off the track for 3 years. Although I made a successful return to the track, I experienced performance anxiety and self-doubt, struggled with low-confidence and developed a fear of reinjuring myself. Because of the “toughen up” culture in sports, no attention was paid to the mental aspect of my recovery. Mental health is an integral component of success and performance. I became a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and Certified Mental Performance Consultant® to normalize taking care of our mental health and to help people overcome mental barriers to their well-being.

As a professional athlete who has experienced both the empowering and oppressive aspects of sports culture, I have a particular interest in helping women find their voice and learn to trust their instincts. 

Who I’ve Worked With

Professional Athletes

WNBA players
Professional volleyball & lacrosse players
Professional track athletes

College Athletes

Division I and II Athletes
in Track, Basketball, Water Polo,
Soccer & Softball

Competitive and Youth Athletes

Soccer, Track, Badminton,
Teams and Individuals

My approach

I believe that we can all reach our full potential and experience a more fulfilling life with the right tools and support. I meet my clients where they are on their journey and embrace their pace while helping them develop and strengthen the mental skills they need to optimize their performance and well-being.