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Day September 4, 2019

Rise Resolute Podcast: Using adversity to become a better version of yourself

Karelle Edwards, Team Canada Hurdler on the track
Connect and Rise with Karelle Edwards, Canadian 100 meter Hurdler who has set her eyes on the Road to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games.  Karelle's authenticity will inspire you as she discusses how adversity can take us to destinations we couldn't have gone otherwise.  She also shares how her father's belief in her (that was stronger than her own at the time) propelled her forward to continue training and pushing herself towards her goals.  Most poignantly, she explains how looking back though there are things that her current self may have done differently, she has a firm belief in the value of adversity. Her struggles prepared her for where she was going. How can you embrace adversity and use it as inspiration? Don't miss this episode!