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I Thought I was Falling Apart.

Author: Erykah Weems, M.A. Ed

As a former collegiate athlete, I’ve struggled with allowing myself to live in the moment and oftentimes planned ahead thinking I would master it all. Once I approached my 25th birthday last year, I felt like I was having a midlife crisis – I would get on social media and everyone had a successful business, traveling, buying homes and getting married, yet I was back home where I said I did not want to return to after graduation. I felt like I was going through a period of uncertainty, questioning everything, and soul-searching for my next journey.

After weeks of sitting at home in shame and uncertainty I started attending church, strength training (like old days) and surrounding myself with people who bring me joy again. This simple but effective routine reminded me that I am on my own journey to success and all of my blessings are right infront of me. I just needed to slow down and live in the moment.  

Erykah Weems, M.A. Ed

This is a reminder to those who are going through something similar…take day by day, practice your favorite forms of self care and  Embrace Your Pace. It will all workout in your favor!

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